The time to live better is now.

EARLY is a DAO for longevity practitioners. Gain the tools, insights, and frameworks you need to live longer and more importantly, live better.

Early access mint coming Winter 2022

  • Track key longevity metrics

    Integrations with data aggregators like Apple Health, Oura, and Levels make it easy to sync your exercise, sleep, and nutrition data.

  • Rich data visualizations

    Provide insightful, data-driven, actionable analytics about your health.

  • Longevity Compendium

    Curation of the best-in-class science, expertise, and practical tactics to improve your health and live better for longer from world-class experts.

  • Decentralizing Longevity Podcast

    Conversations with the longevity practitioners and how they apply the principles of longevity, building the dialogue around longevity in the community.

  • Contribution incentives

    Earn governance tokens as you contribute to the EARLY ecosystem as an engineer, researcher, creator, or practitioner.

  • Community-first, privacy-forward platform

    Work in the open, collaborate with others and do it as yourself or a pseudonym.

  • Reflect on performance with experiements

    Wearables aren't so great at saying what your data means. Using the EARLY platform, we can gather the data, add context to the data, can run experiments, and create personalized action plan.

  • Calendar-based interface

    Never lose track of the days. Ground yourself in the present and focus on what matters.

  • Short-form video

    Instructional videos on the foundational principles of longevity